Sunday, September 21

8 out of 10 female Central American migrants are raped on their journeys

Oh my Lord...

8 out of 10 Central American female migrants to countries further north are raped. (Sources: here via this post.)
8 out of 10.

I was going to shower up & go to bed. I was thinking about blogging some other things--like a connection I made between bystander culture (which SAFER often mentions, lately) bystanders mentioned in a video published recently by the Blank Noise Project. (In short, a man thought the women in his town had better responses to street harassment than women in many other parts of India, but I wonder if their actions might be caused more by them intuitively counting on a culture of bystanders acting helpfully in their city than by, say, "tips & tricks" they picked up from their moms & grandmas.)

But shit.

Now who can think and try to make connections about things read and experienced?

8 out of 10 female Central Americans who try to come here to live here, too, get raped.


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kyledeb said...

Thanks for the link to Citizen Orange. The original source is actually the Prensa Libre, the Guatemalan paper of record.

If you're interested in helping with issues like these and others, please email me at kyle at citizenorange dot com.

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