Thursday, December 21

Is this what watching the news & reading newspapers alone causes?

My mother's boyfriend feels like a way to improve the situation in Iraq would be to just crush the Sunnis.

Is this really what the coverage of Sunnis and Shiites in the media I don't pay much attention to does to a person's theories? Do people really get so certain about solutions?

Oh, dear oh dear.

Well, anyway, I sent him some Marc Lynch articles on the Baker-Hamilton report. At the very least, they mention Sunnis & Shias a LITTLE bit in a much more ambiguous, can't-come-up-with-blanket-solutions-that-will-actually-work light. With any luck, he'll get addicted to Marc Lynch and stumble onto articles that do so even more strongly and his receptiveness to ideas as blanket and easy-solution as his when they're suggested by theorists & afterwords politicians.

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