Friday, December 15

Kansas political appointments

What the ****?

There's this guy over in Kansas whose methods and policy opinions I can't stand, but he keeps running for various offices. And, unfortunately, he keeps getting many of them. Even after he loses an election, he'll keep running until he gets something.

So this time, he lost his incumbent seat as the state's Attorney General, defeated by the most populous county's District Attorney.

That county's District Attorney ran on the statement, "Phil Kline is bad at his job. The job's mandate says he's supposed to make sure X & Y & Z aren't happening in Kansas and prosecute people who do it. He has completely ignored lots of complaints from people just forking over information about people doing Y, and there's been plenty of hints at X & Z going on, and he hasn't done a thing about them, because all he really cares about is prosecuting this non-mandated-by-his-job issue of A & B going on in the state. That's being bad at his job. Vote for me. I have had a similar job of making sure that, among other things, X & Y & Z weren't going on in my county, and I prosecuted people committing them and actually reduced incidences. I'm good at the job."

So good-at-his-job guy Paul Morrison got the office.

And then what did that county's commissioners do? They appointed the person who was voted out of office for incompetency (seriously, there's no way that the challenger could've won based on ideas about policy...enough Kansans are happy with Kline's political ideas to vote him in if he hasn't been proven incompetent at a job) to replace the kickassedly effective county DA who's now becoming state AG. So they're doing a swip-swap of people in the two places...but...WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD?

Do they NOT realize that this guy wasn't just thrown out of office for political ideas? That that couldn't have happened in Kansas? That they just hired someone that the state became convinced was doing a bad job despite being fine with his political ideas?


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