Thursday, January 4


“That mosque is why I’m here today Ali Eteraz,” said The Jafi. “Because I am convinced they are all practicing [dissimulation], today at 2 pm someone I know will be calling the Feds on the mosque. That den of dissimulation has existed in our midst long enough.”

Ali Eteraz grew silent and then spoke up. “But sir, today is Friday and that is the time for Friday prayer. Even I will be in the mosque at that time. Won’t I also get arrested and charged?”

“Such things are necessary, Ali Eteraz,” the great Jafi headed out the door. “I always told you that you needed to do more to make them more like you. You needed to do it faster. I gave you three whole months and yet none of them appear any different to me, none of them come by to kiss my feet. It must mean that they are dissimulators and potential terrorists!”

“But what if there is a shoot-out sir? What if an accidental bullet goes off? My reputation will be tarnished at the least! What about my career? My family? Who will pay for my bail?”

“I don’t have time for this Ali Eteraz,” said The Great Jafi who had no time for such petty concerns.

“Sir please!”

“Sorry Ali, but you and the mythical moderates didn’t do what you were supposed to do. Now we must protect the homeland.”

“Sir I thought you said I was an integral part of the future of the world.”

The Great Jafi was almost out of the door. “Yes, I said that but only in one potential scenario. In the other scenario, the one taking place today, you are collateral damage. Goodbye Eteraz, you failed me. When all of your humanity is taken away blame your people. It was their inherent prowess in lying that made me do this. When you are in jail, blame Islam.”

The Great Jafi reminds me of O'Brien in 1984. I wanted to throw the book at walls and scream, "No! You.Don't.Make.Sense! Stop it!"

This story (of which I quoted the end) is fucking hilarious when you get absorbed and feel it like fiction; irritating enough to make you want to scream and cry if you think about the possibility of people really interacting like that.

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