Tuesday, March 6

Eating local, part 2: helpful winter words

I have no idea if these will be what grows in your part of the country, but bookmark this post and keep checking back. As I find helpful words to punch into Google Images as you look for meal inspiration for January/February/March produce available in a part of North America where all the easy and common food stops growing, I'll update it:

  • Spanish radish:

  • Jerusalem artichoke:
         topinambour / topinambours

  • Ginger:

  • Celery root:

  • Beet:
         betterave / betteraves

  • Nut:

  • Cream:
         crème / creme
         ("Cream" might be a type of soup, which almost makes it belong in the 2nd category, or it might be an ingredient in a particularly appetizing dish. Give the search a try even if you don't ever use heavy cream--you might see the dish and realize you can make the same thing with milk or melted cheese.)

    References to preparation
  • Gratin:

  • Cold dish; salad:
         (Warning: "salade" also means lettuce, which you won't find at this time of year, so do pair it with the type of food you're looking for or be prepared to see a lot of mouth-watering recipes you can't make!)
If you find a recipe that online translators and friends just can't help you figure out, leave me a comment and I'll be glad to help.

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