Saturday, January 26

Dark Days Challenge - eating unusual meat affordably

Hooooooooly gamole.

If you do your unusual meat shopping in the Twin Cities, ummmmm...I hate to put the nice people at Shepherd Song Farm over in Wisconsin (or Hill & Vale or any of the other co-op suppliers) out of business, but it turns out that the lamb & goat at Holy Land is local, too. It's from Iowa. And while ground lamb costs $6.60/lb-$7/lb and ground goat costs $8.50/lb at the co-ops, they both run $5/lb at Holy Land.

Let's see...Holy Land requires my car...whereas certain co-ops don't...though buses cost $2 and it's a little dangerous to bike on all this ice in cold weather when all my protective gear is sweaty and dirty...

Eh. I'll just have to make a shopping list and shop at Holy Land next time I'm near the store or already in a warm car with free time. I don't think I'll come up with an excuse or the energy to put on warm clothes, start a cold car, drive to Holy Land, drive back, unpack, and cook.

Too bad. I would've liked to make that goat meat glop again. I'll just have to put all the ingredients on a list and get the energy to make it after I've bought them all.

(By the way, I don't think Holy Land is buying unethical meat or anything--one co-op's meat manager simply told me that whenever you don't have a lot of customers for a type of meat, you have to mark it up to make any profit. I imagine that that Iowa farm can sell meat cheaply not because they're a factory farm but because they have a contract to sell to a retail store that can quickly sell as much meat as they can raise to half the goat & lamb eaters in a major metropolitan area.)

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