Monday, January 21

No Fruits Or Veggies On Food Stamps

Holy gamole!

I had no idea that federal WIC food stamps couldn't be used on either fruits or vegetables (except carrots and round beans).

We've gotta change this!

Especially since canned veggies (which I think might be okay to buy w/ WIC food stamps) don't offer much nutritional value. Haven't found out if it's okay to buy frozen veggies with WIC food stamps. If so, then this isn't quite as awful as I thought, but it's still not acceptable. Y'know, looking at this chart, though, it seems as if even canned & frozen might not be allowed.

The "you get $X a month" should be the only limit. If someone wants to blow through it quickly on fruits and veggies instead of on cereal, for heaven's sake, LET HER!

Why on EARTH should the government mandate that entire food groups be excluded from the use of a fixed amount of money?

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