Saturday, April 12

BFP Has Hidden Her Web Site

BrownFemiPower / "La Chola" has hidden her web site.

It was the place I sent people. Yes, there are more bloggers still out there...but she was the one who was writing both
1) prolifically
2) in a way that took time to explain concepts for white liberals and for men of color.

I'm just liberal enough to understand her. (I mean, no, she wasn't covering so many basics that even a white conservative would read what she said and come to agree with it.) But I've never quite felt like I "got it" enough to follow any of the other blogging women of color on a regular basis. Well, maybe "Black Women Vote," but she's not quite as prolific on quite as many topics as BFP was.

Now what? I can't split off into reading a gazillion different WOC blogs, much as I'd like to, I have to limit the number of minutes I spend per day on the internet. That's why anyone goes to, say, Kos or Feministing/Pandagon/Feministe. To be up-to-date yet save time for essential real-world tasks. I...I've faced some losses in the real world from the internet, so I just can't go into reading more #s of blogs.

I want to bring BFP back to writing on the internet.

I mean, not so fast that she isn't healed and ready to write.

But dammit, I want to help her heal. I wish I lived in Detroit or something or wherever she lives so I could babysit her kids...bring her extra food...

If my favorite internet writer could find strength to go back to her online writing by something I could contribute in my offline life, I'd want to do it.

But dammit, I don't live near her, and I don't even know who she is or what she could use offline.

I'm so frustrated. I want to do something that feels like it might open her up to coming back.

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