Wednesday, June 25

Minnesota senate race

Blogger Penigma wrote:

Franken...obviously wouldn't...utter political pomposity and economic boondoggle for the benefit of corporations (summer gas-tax break).

Excuse me?

Do you really think that?

I would LOVE it if that were true.

If I could believe that about him, I would definitely vote for him (right now, uninformed about 3rd-party alternatives, I would...but of course, I'll see if there's anyone I like better come November. 3rd-party voting is useful here--5% in a statewide election gets them automatic entrance to debates) and possibly even campaign for him.


I wish Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer had won.


Grace Kelly said...

OK, two weeks have gone by, friends can now call safely without a rant. However I think this too.

Charley Underwood said...

Less than three weeks have gone by, so friends who call may still receive a rant. In addition, they will probably hear many tragic stories of convention shenanigans.

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