Wednesday, November 5

Organizing agenda

I want to either help organize, or partipate in organization:

  • Against the rise in hate crimes that's been going on lately

  • Against inhumane border & immigration policies

  • Against the Central Corridor light rail train's placement on University Avenue

  • For grassroots labor organization rights and mobilization actions (not to mention mobilization rights...freaking Taft-Hartley)

  • Against overthrow, or assistance of overthrow, of other countries' governments for the reason that our government/populace disagrees with the politics of those countries' governments

  • Against policies that make it hard for poor women to raise their kids to their full God-given abilities

  • For policies that help poor women raise their kids to their full God-given abilities, despite being poor
I'll add to this list later, and it will become a place I return whenever I need to remind myself what my 2009 priorities are.

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