Tuesday, January 27

Transit Comment Forms => Letters To Politicians

I'm getting a lot better about writing letters and making phone calls to politicians.

I think it helps that my bus company put out free-postage comment cards that I've made a habit of writing on every single time they overcrowd the bus (by putting one of their smaller buses on a high-volume route) or undercrowd the bus (by putting one of their larger buses on a low-volume route), as well as when they do a good job by matching the bus design to the route volume.

That's a lot of writing.

But the problem pisses me off enough to do it.

Space is limited on those comment forms, so it's gotten me used to writing short blips and being okay with a short blip instead of a well-researched thesis (because I know I'll be writing again).

Which has helped me a lot to write things like this appeal to President Obama on Pakistan.


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