Sunday, May 10

Against Escalation of Military Action in Pakistan

I just can't get that conversation (and what I wish I'd said) off my brain.

Is it class that makes people think they'd be safe from nationally sponsored armed forces?

I know that works in some situations, but geez. If people are on a mission to "eliminate" / "kill all" of a sub-population of a just seems to me that the violence is going to be so extremely high that not only are some civilians going to get unnecessarily killed right off the bat because of the armed forces' cowardice about getting close to those they're "supposed" to be shooting...

...but it seems to me that the natural response of fleeing the hell out of there is going to turn even the upper-class and upper-middle-class into looking poor. Which will take away their #1 class-based protection: the armed forces being "able to" tell them apart, on sight, from those they're "supposed" to kill.

Is my college acquaintance's family going to have quite an about-face in their opinion about whether the Pakistani government should militarily "eliminate" all the Taliban members in Swat once they're on the run and look the exact same and are getting shot at all the time?

Is it going to be too late for their opinions to matter to the Pakistani government once this happens?


I don't want them to die.

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