Sunday, May 31

Healthy meals yesterday

Healthy meals yesterday. Biked to the nearest farmer's market, and man, I don't know what I was doing in past years, trekking to local-only farmer's markets. I guess I figured they'd be cheaper, what w/ all the competition for the same veggies, but the price savings are less than $1-$2 per trip, and being able to get that piece of ginger and a lime to finish off a recipe in the same trip is SO worth whatever extra cost there might be.

There's way too much produce in the house now, so we've got to eat it fast.

For lunch, I quick-boiled up some jasmine rice, set some dried mushrooms to soak (how water), picked through my mustard greens, then got out my new wok (exciting!) and "stir-fried" sauce while parboiling the mustard greens and drained the greens and threw them in.

Boring flavors, but healthy.

For dinner, my boyfriend had me pick through a different kind of mustard green (the kind you think of as going w/ southern U.S. cooking) and tear it up; he chopped tomatoes & cucumbers and threw on salad dressing. Then he seasoned ground turkey, chopped & fried sweet onions, and mixed salsa+avocado and foreman-grilled the burgers. He saved a few slices from the cucumber & put them in our drinking water. The meal was strong flavorful!

Today I think I'm going to set some jasmine rice to soak ahead of time and cook it like I would basmati for pilaf and see what kind of texture it comes out w/.

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