Sunday, June 21

Punch Him

I was trying to sleep, but now I'm awake, so I'll type some blog stuff up.

I got really angry at the man who raped my friend and is now showing up again in our social circle and want to punch him REALLY HARD next time I see him. (Even though I can't punch hard. I just want to throw the punch and for it to happen.)

I got up off the bed and punched it.

I didn't punch it very hard--what'd I say?

But I decided to punch until my arms felt as if I'd punched something hard just once.

And that worked. I felt a lot less stressed in my chest.

I don't know why he's been eating away at me lately. I guess it's mostly that he's been showing up. But geez, I've known him for years, and known what he did for years now...why am I getting so obsessed?

I hope it's the increased exposure to him, not some unhealthy going-into-my-head-about-stuff-I-can't-do-anything-about-at-the-moment.

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