Tuesday, July 21

Congo Rape And Murder And Theft -promoting Companies Named

I have trouble w/ PDFs on this computer, so here's a longer list than what the bigger press is reporting so far, according to what I could search, of companies that Global Witness named as buying minerals from militias controlling the eastern Congo (and perpetrating all sorts of horrors on those who live there to keep that control):

From courrierinternational.com:
Voici la liste de ces entreprises publiée par Global Witness : Belgique : Trademet, Traxys, SDE, STI et Speciality Metals ; Thaïlande : THAISARCO (détenue par la société britannique AMC) ; Royaume-Uni : Afrimex, AMC ; Malaisie : Malaysian Smelting Corporation, Berhad ; Chine : African Ventures Ltd ; Inde : Met Trade India Ltd ; Russie : Eurosib logistics JSC. Consulter le rapport complet pour avoir une liste plus exhaustive et connaître les statistiques des exportations de la RDC sur www.globalwitness.org
That would be:
  • Trademet (Belgium)
  • Traxys (Belgium)
  • SDE (Belgium)
  • STI (Belgium)
  • Specialty Metals (Belgium)
  • THAISARCO (Thailand; held by AMC of the UK)
  • Afrimex (UK)
  • AMC (UK)
  • Malaysian Smelting Corporation (Malaysia)
  • Berhad (Malaysia)
  • African Ventures Ltd (China)
  • Met Trade India Ltd (India)
  • Eurosib Logistics JSC (Russia)

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