Saturday, July 25

I Really Need To Learn More Spanish

I gotta learn more Spanish!

What the heck is the word for "too?" Not "trop." Not "troppo." Not "mucho." What is it?

Hey wait a minute...what is "too" in Latin? I supposedly know that language. Where'd it go?

It's not "tantus." Not "si." Shoot!

But at least I remembered that "but" in Spanish is "pero," not an "m" word. What w/ me already overusing "mas" in my conversation, throwing in "mas" again to mean something else, or guessing "ma," would only confuse the conversation even more. Thank you, VivirLatino authors, for using that word so much I've finally started to remember it.

Also--it's really hard to have a conversation about merchandise when I not only can't say "too big," but forgot how to say "small" and thus can't describe what I want, either ("smaller")!

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Katie said...


No wonder I couldn't remember it. It's all isolated from the other romance languages I've learned. It looks/sounds nothing like "trop"/"troppo."

It's totally a "Latin 2" word. Or at least, like 2nd semester Latin 1. Which is crazy. "Trop" is right near the beginning of French 1, and over and over and over again, I'd swear.

Still waiting for someone fluent in Spanish to let me know if the online dictionaries are telling me correctly that "too" is a long word in Spanish, like it is in Latin.

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