Saturday, July 11

Thoughts While Watching "Bolivia"

I'm watching Bolivia right now (OMG, THANK YOU, family, for the online movie gift).


I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have the patience for such an indie-vibe movie if I weren't occupied by "studying" it (not quite the best word, but close?) Having to process written words (subtitles), thinking about whether I can hear the differences in accents even though I don't understand the language, etc. Trying to keep up w/ the subtleties of the plot through translation. I think I'd be like, "Geez Louise, get a camera trolley!!!" and be bored if it were in English.

I'm really disappointed in the protagonists. I don't quite identify with any of them, and I do feel a little let down. Don't know why.

1 peso for a cup of coffee on 15 pesos a day?! A cup of coffee at 1/15 of a day's wages? Admittedly, low wages, but getting paid only 15x the price of a cup of coffee?!?!?!

Why won't some people reach outside their own experiences and ask migrants about their own home situations? Yeah, customer-in-the-cafe, your life is troubled. But have you ASKED any of the migrants if they left a NON-TROUBLED life to come "make money" in "your country?" I mean, why be so un-empathetic as to just make up fantasy home lives for migrants and presume, WITHOUT ASKING, that they left a life that was of equal-but-no-worse misery to your life in Argentina? Geez Louise, ASK. Love. Connect. Partner. Live. Love. Or...I don't know...something. But stop being a jerk.

That's all for now. Other than...I want a...someting. Bowl of frozen strawberries? I don't know what. I think I'm really lonely--I should've picked a comedy!

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