Thursday, August 13

The Visitor

Just watched "The Visitor." Wanted to blog at the beginning, "What an unempathetic a*****e."

Towards the end, changed my mind to him being one of those people who seems to only be able to love (have empathy for) a few people total. (A description I learned from the book version of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables describing the innkeeper's wife who genuinely loved her daughter but treated the girl she was taking care of, and many other people, like sh**.)

And now, at the end...WHAT. THE. F***!

They did a "things don't always end up okay" "deep" movie by giving Tariq a sad immigration outcome. Tariq, the guy who didn't DO anything against the law to get arrested. All he did was jump his way out of a turnstile that'd gotten him stuck, but that he'd paid for.

I'm just sure that Tariq's pause and dodging the question when Walter asked him why he didn't try playing in the subway was supposed to show him knowing that he could get arrested (and then sent to a deportation center) for doing so, because it was against the rules w/o a permit.

And yet then they f***ing END THE MOVIE by having Walter--the guy we're supposed to see as now more empathetic than he was at the beginning of the film--twiddle around and break the subway system's regulations? This asinine abuse of white-skinned born-citizen rich privilege is supposed to somehow be tied in with having LEARNED to be MORE empathetic?

Is that SERIOUSLY supposed to make us LIKE Walter more?

Well f***--not me. He's still an unempathetic (except-towards-a-few) a*****e, for everything and for that.

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