Tuesday, September 8

"Whatchu Want, A Cookie?!"

A weakness I struggle to be better about, as a person:

Sometimes, I get really disappointed thinking that I won't "get a cookie" for stuff I'm supposedta do (to paraphrase Chris Rock).

Like when I thought, after reading this VivirLatino post, "I'm going to make sure I remember what people's lives are like when they're in my life--make sure I remember how much people could use time for their own chores, etc." And then I thought, "Hmm. Maybe I can live so people will really feel respected." But...ummmm...no. I'd probably just, in an employment context for example, be someone who's "fine."

And that's all.

Because, well, honestly, you're SUPPOSEDTA respect other people. Yeah, it should make people "feel" respected--but...ummm....that's SUPPOSEDTA be normal. Not wowie-zowie.

And then I thought, "Crap."

Sometimes, I really want a cookie for things you're just supposedta do. Maybe I can get over that, too, at the same time as or after I'm working on doing more respectful acts.

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