Thursday, May 3

Colin Peterson

I can't find a link, but Colin Peterson, the representative from western MN who's in charge of the US House agricultural committee (and thus in charge of the once-every-5-years Farm Bill this year) just called "free trade" "so-called free trade" on the radio this morning!

Last I heard (at a "ONE" anti-poverty activist/lobbyist training session), Peterson couldn't care less about changing economic status quos.

But that was a month ago. Today he was pissed off that trade agreements trump all other laws (like substances allowed to be used in food manufacture--including...get this...banned we're talking environmental effects, too, not just melamine).

Plus, maybe he'll be open to Farm Bill ideas from ONE that he previously couldn't care less about.

Links to come once I find out more and get back from a meeting.

Man oh man. If we roll back trade-over-all-other-laws, maybe Europe will, too...and they'll be able to avoid importing palm oil from new plantations being built on top of rainforests that're being cut down specifically to supply the EU with the cheapest biodiesel in the world.


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