Wednesday, May 2

The 37th Carnival of Feminists

There are about 10 more submissions in my inbox that I haven't read yet, and I have a Firefox-vs-IE check to do, so come back later tonight for updates. I will also compile a list of links to carnivals of interest to feminists (it's grown!)

Update: I'll take this project on later today. My internet access was out all last night.

The 38th Carnival of Feminists will be at Team Rainbow on May 16.
Happy reading!

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  • Ellen Nakashima wrote an article full of strong, certain, non-wishy-washy words about women getting sexualized threats online simply for existing, and it seems the Washington Post published it on the front page! Good. (Thanks to Feminist Law Profs for the tip-off.

  • The Daily Kos is starting to direct its liberally-minded attention towards women's issues.
    In the last three weeks, in addition to posts directly related to the Supreme Court's decision, at least 3 feminist user diaries stayed on the "Most Recommended Diaries" list all day (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), at least 2 or 3 well-discussed feminist articles appeared on the front page (1, 2), and several interesting feminist user diaries were featured near the tip-top, most attention-getting spot in "diary rescue" articles on the front page (1, 2).
    Also, Kos himself is taking paternity leave (except for an article or two a week) from the Daily Kos--and in my mind, that's a significant pro-feminist action.

    I recognize that the site still has a long way to go--Kos did write that horrendous "It's not as if those cowards will actually act on their threats" article, and as Pam Spaulding and Tinfoil Hattie pointed out, Pandagon was the only "major lefty blog" to shine a spotlight on Akon's apparent sexual assault of a woman onstage (and I kind of wonder myself if a user diary on that subject would've made it into the "most recommended diaries" list, even during this increasingly feminist time on the Daily Kos).

    Nevertheless, I thought it was worth taking some time to point out positive changes!
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  • The Supreme Court & the ban on Dilate & Extract abortions
    • Veronica at The Red Thread described her feelings about saving her life via late-term abortion before, while, and after pregnancy and expressed what she thinks the ruling says the 5 judges think of doctors and of women.

    • KC at Bligbi related a personal story (that even involves a physician denying birth control to a woman too poor to shop around and get it by any means) as a refutation of bans on Dilate & Extract abortions.

    • DBB at Disgusted Beyond Belief wrote about his wife's health-related abortion (fortunately, it was legal for him to choose to abort before "or she'll die!" was 100% certain). He attracted some controversial commenters--one in particular tried to explain why he definitely valued the life of his potential kids more than the life of his wife.

  • Duke
    • Marcella Chester at abyss2hope wrote about many subjects in "Why I'm Not Eating Crow Over the Duke Case". Highlights:

      1. Legal philosophy that, because an assumption != evidence, assuming that alleged rape victims' claims are truthful does not undermine alleged rapists' "innocent until proven guilty" status in a court of law.

      2. "Allowing this 'she was just a 'ho' argument to stand unchallenged is the same as giving rapists a list of who can be raped without fear of prosecution."

      3. Comments on theories that the accusations were a hoax

    • John Palmer at LongHairedWeirdo mused that perhaps actions of several lacrosse players gave Ms. Magnum an overwhelmingly realistic flashback to a previous sexual assault. He speculated:
      She left behind her handbag, with a good chunk of money in it.

      Tell me that she was treated respectfully and in a non-frightening manner, but she bolted without her money, and it just doesn't compute.
      it seems impossible to believe that she wasn't frightened by something.
      People who think she was seeking revenge for something said or done to her, remember this: she didn't go out and make those accusations. The police were called because of her condition (seeming to be drunk), and it was only after the officer hassled her a bit (the report I found said he used a hold that would be painful if she didn't move as he directed) that she broke out of her shell and said she'd been raped.

      This, to me, does not sound like a person trying to get revenge and making up lies. It sounds exactly like a traumatized person coming out of a daze, and reporting what she believed happened.
      A flashback can seem real, as if it's happening right now.
      later that night, she then reported to the police what she remembered, as best as she could.

      Let me say that again and emphasize it: as best as she could.

      It is not a "lie" or a "false accusation" or "revenge" if, having been traumatized once, she was scared, and had a flashback, and couldn't keep the two events separate in her mind. It is the responsibility of the authorities, the police and the prosecutors, to investigate the accusations. Crime victims often misremember the details of what, exactly happened.
      I'm not going to excuse DA Nifong for what he did, but I will suggest that his motives - not his actions, but his motives - were better than most people believe.

  • Other
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Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like some great reading ahead!

Natalie Bennett said...

Spectacularly good job thanks! I think you might have broken the record for number of posts - but no, I don't keep count! It is the quality that counts and there's no shortage of that here.

Fire Fly said...

Thanks for linking me. While I didn't specifically write for the carnival, I'm flattered to be included. Great carnival!

*e said...

So many links! So much to read! Thanks.

Bruce Godfrey said...

As someone who just got done a blogswarm too, great job and thanks for the link to TBTB - Best, Bruce/Crablaw

Michelle said...

Wow, that's a big list. A lot of reading ahead.

susan said...

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BetaCandy said...

Kitkat, I just wanted to point out that the article you credited "BetaCandy" with was actually by "Purtek", another writer at The Hathor Legacy blogs. I submitted the link for her. :)

Great list! It'll be a while before I can read through it all, but you've done a very nice job!

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