Friday, May 25

Live Earth activism

So...should people interested in sculpting society to send messages that fair treatment for both genders is the only kind of treatment that will be accepted (that is, "feminists") try to get tens of thousands of letters written to boot Akon from the Live Earth tour?

Or should they not bother?

I do wish this would be taken up in the femisphere. The concert is coming soon, and changes to big events take time on the organizers' end! Great as Jessica's book may or may not be, what I really want to hear about is whether or not various actions are good ideas or bad ideas for activists.

I mean, sure, I'll write my letter...but it won't have an impact alone. Do people think it's appropriate to join me or not in trying to get a caught-on-camera (yes, I know, not accused by the law, but still caught on camera) violent sexual assaulter booted from a progressive issue concert's lineup?

Also, is there anyone else in the lineup who's committed a serious crime against another person and has been demonstrably caught in the act? If so, we should hit both artists at the same time. It's only fair.

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