Wednesday, January 16

Remedies for zinc poisoning

For a while, I was in too much pain and nausea to try to eat, even though web sites said I would've felt better if I'd had the zinc in my stomach with some food.

Once I got up to walk to a meeting during a moment of relief, though, I felt even better. Interesting. Walking around seems to help--which would be why I felt better walking from the train to the office this morning.

The meeting was coming over a computer as a voice and a PowerPoint presentation. I ran downstairs to get myself lots of Saltines to add to my breakfast cereal I'd brought and dug in while I was feeling good.

Soon the cold temperature in the room got to me. I ran back to my desk to get my ugly coat, thinking, "I hope bringing this thing in doesn't make me look unprofessional."

Not 1/5 as unprofessional as falling asleep in the meeting.

Thank goodness it was only my immediate manager and a bunch of entry-level workers in the room with us. If any of the people I actually work for had been there, it might have gone onto my performance review in a week or two.

I think my apology to my immediate manager worked. By the time I was saying, "That was very unprofessional, and..." she was laughing.


Oh! Right! The zinc poisioning part! Other than a few waves of, "Oh, is this going to come back? Nope--nope--it went away," I feel MUCH better.

I wonder how long I was out.

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