Wednesday, January 16

Zinc poisoning

If I had one of those "eating healthy while budgeting tightly" categories, I think I'd put this there:

If your zinc pills are marked "333% of recommended daily value," DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN ONE OF THEM.

Zinc ain't vitamin C. You can't go way above the RDV.

Background: I thought I might be getting sick. Zinc is one of the "after you get sick" vitamins that helps (whereas C & echinacea extract are only good for prevention).

Other days, I'd popped 2 zinc and taken a tincture of echinacea extract and noticed that I felt miserably nauseated.
This morning, I thought, "Okay, no drug interactions, but I'll up the zinc and put up with the 30 minutes of nausea."


1.5x the zinc (which, in retrospect, I'm realizing caused the nausea all by its pretty little self) caused 5x the misery for who knows how many times as long.

Shoot me now!
(Or, more reasonably, God, bring me vomiting. Why am I so afraid of vomiting? I know that as soon as my body gets rid of a poison, I feel better. I know it! In fact, my body just reacted that way to something 3 weeks ago. It's fresh in my memory. Why am I still consciously praying, "Don't let me vomit, don't let me vomit, don't let me vomit, don't let me vomit...?")

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