Tuesday, June 17

Protesting the Central Corridor LRT Plans

I'm about ready to give up the fight against light rail trains on University Avenue.

I don't like why, either.

The thought of how badly I've failed--both through lack of time investment and lack of skill--at organizing makes me sick at my stomach.

I suck at getting people to follow up.
I suck at following up and doing work myself (like getting my damned flyers and calls to action translated into Hmong, Cambodian, Lao, & Vietnamese).

And now it's mobilizing time and I've got no one standing beside me because I failed at organizing.

That's no reason to give up fighting the good fight.

But it sure makes me feel like doing so.


sylviiie@gmail.com said...

Hi Katie,

Thanks for the reply on ABW's blog- I'm a bit busy at the moment, but I'll definitely get back to you on all of this later! And don't worry, I am quite critical of the concept of universalism- ah, the curse of expressing oneself in a comment box at midnight after a long day!

Katie said...

Good to see you--thanks for stopping by!

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