Saturday, September 20

Cheap late September healthy food prices

Today, I asked farmers to sell me fractions of produce portions for fractions of the price they'd set and did well getting healthy food cheaply.

I bought:
1 small bunch of parsley, $0.25
1 small bunch of cilantro, $0.25
2 green onions, $0.25
2 carrots, $0.25
1 bell pepper, $0.50
a pint? of fancy potatoes, $1.00
Plus a bitter ball and Thai eggplant for free from the same person

$2.50 for just the right amounts of 6 (+2) kinds of vegetable/herb.

Here's to crossing my fingers I can cook them all.

Tonight is mustard greens & cabbage ($1.50 together) I bought earlier this week, chopped, boiled a bit, & thrown into lentils, w/ chopped green onion & cilantro mixed in.

I don't think I'm going to get around to much spreading healthy cheap eating tips around town to those who could use it this year, but I'm thinking about illustrating packets for some of my extra heirloom tomato seeds and giving them to all the farmers who've given me healthy, affordable bargains. Especially the ones growing only conventional tomatoes. I hope that's worth something.

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