Tuesday, September 30

Not Eating and Not Going to School

We are going to be paying for this for generations, y’all, and some of your children and grandchildren will pay by not eating and not going to school.
-Professor Zero

What a huge thing to try to wrap my mind around.

Thank you for writing those words the way you did, Profacero.


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Cero said...

Gracias KitKat!

I've got an advantage in seeing these things because of my Latin American expertise. They have been doing this kind of thing there, more dangerously, for longer.

I ripped "not eating and not going to school" off from a character in the mid 80s Argentine film THE OFFICIAL STORY. He's ranting at his brother, who favors the government and its economic policy (is part of it), about the results it will have (and has had by the time the film is made).

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