Thursday, January 15


No scanned contact list yet...I have to get to that...
...but blogging on a different topic...antojitos.

I think I made some type of antojito tonight.

I now have some sort of thick tortilla with refried beans in the middle, and we'll be adding tomatoes, cheese, salsa, shredded pork, and other stuff to it as soon as my baby's done with work.

I'm very happy to be learning to put together meals quickly out of whatever I have around the house.

Thank you, wonderful tortilleria that made my dough. Thank you, Seeds of Change online diaries, for telling me how to make masa dough less sticky. Thank you, butcher, for telling me how to cook and shred pork.

Bon appetit!

(P.S. I wish I could find the post/comment by BFP about the transformation of corn from something so life-giving into something central to a "bad for you" diet. It was a powerful essay, and I would like people who enjoy this food and read this post to see it.)

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