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Politicians, Ambassadors, And Administrators - Contact Information

U.S. Government

President: George W. Bush

Phone (comments): 202-456-1111
Fax (comments): 202-456-2461
TTY/TTD (comments): 202-456-6213

Congress/Senate: [Yours]

Phone (switchboard): 202-224-3121

Secretary of State: Condoleeza Rice

Phone (general): 202-647-4000
Phone (comment): 202-647-6575
Phone (Sec. Rice’s assistant): 202-647-7098
Phone (Sec. Rice): 202-647-5291(/-5292?)
Phone (Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs): 202-647-7215
Phone (Israeli & Palestinian Affairs): 202-647-3672
Fax (Sec. Rice): 202-647-2283

President-Elect: Barack Obama

Phone: 202-540-3000, ext. 2
Web 1:
Web 2:

Future Secretary of State: (Sen.) Hillary Clinton

Phone ("friends of" org.): 202-595-2620
Web ("friends of" org.):
Phone (senate, D.C.): 202-224-4451
Phone (senate, New York City): 212-688-6262
Phone (senate, Albany): 518-431-0120
Web (senate):

Former President: Jimmy Carter

Phone (Carter Library general): 404-8654-7100
Phone (Carter Library?): 404-331-3942
E-mail (Carter Library general):
Phone (Carter Center general): 404-420-5100
E-mail (Carter Center general):

U.S. Permanent Mission to the U.N. Ambassador: Zalmay Khalilzad

Phone (general): 212-415-4000
Phone (Khalilzad?): 212-415-4050
Fax (general): 212-415-4050
E-mail 1:
E-mail 2:

The U.N. in General

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Phone (general): 212-963-1234
Phone (Ki-moon?): 212-963-5012
Phone? (Ki-moon?) Fax?: 212-963-4879
Fax?: 212-963-7055
E-mail (general):

Contact information for various members of the Security Council:


Stopping The U.S. Shipment Of 3,000 Tons Of Extra Ammunition To Ashdod, Israel

Ship name: Wehr Elbe (owned by a German company) - See for details.

German Ambassador to the U.S.: Klaus Scharioth

Phone (general): 202-298-4000
Phone ("administration"): 202-298-4278
Phone (Scharioth?): 202-298-4201
Fax (general 1?): 202-298-4249
Fax (general 2?): 202-333-2653
Fax (Scharioth?): 202-298-4270

German Permanent Mission to the U.N. Ambassador: (name unknown)

Phone (general): 212-940-0400
Fax (general): 212-940-0402
Fax ("political"): 212-940-0403
E-mail 1:
E-mail 2:

Opening The Rafah Border Crossing Between Gaza And Egypt

Egyptian Ambassador to the U.S.: Sameh Shoukry

Phone (general) 202-895-5400
Phone (Chicago): 312-828-9162
E-mail (general):

Egyptian Permanent Mission to the U.N. Ambassador: Maged (f) Abdel Fattah (m) Abdel Aziz (l)

Phone (general): 212-503-0300
Phone (Abdel Aziz) 212-503-0335

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