Tuesday, January 20

Will We Get There? Will We? Even If After I Die?

I have to hope, because only hope leads to action out of love, but sometimes it's hard.

At the inauguration-watching gathering I attended, I heard 2x as much applause after the Star-Spangled Banner than after Rev. Joseph Lowery’s benediction.

That's the kind of thing that made me cry while listening to Rev. Lowery’s benediction and makes me start to cry each time I write this.

I can easily start crying when I wonder if we ever will manage to achieve the things Rev. Lowery talked about in his benediction.

How can this country turn into a country of people who, as a majority, turn tanks into tractors, and act out of love instead of hate for "different" people, when, in a small sample in an average room, the majority claps more after hearing about nationalism during bombs bursting in air than they do after hearing about the idea of turning tanks into tractors, about a good life for people who, by policy, have had it unfairly tough, and about guiding our actions as a nation (that is, "policy") out of love instead of fear/hate?

(How can I learn to write without a run-on sentence?)

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Janet said...

Don't despair. People are trained to cheer after the national anthem; it's habit. What is more, the benediction included some humor that probably caught people off-guard. They may have cheered at the anthem, but I'm betting they remembered what Lowery said more than they recalled much about the playing of the song.

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