Sunday, July 12

Swiss Chard

I'm making "Tagine of Swiss Chard (Marak Silk)" off p. 90 in Couscous And Other Good Food From Morocco by Paula Wolfert.

This recipe is even cheaper than I thought it'd be. She calls for "about 4 bunches" to get 12 cups of finely chopped Swiss chard.

If you go for a huge bundle of full-grown leaves at one of the farmer's markets around here, it only takes one bunch. Which, at a large market, is only $1. ($2 at a small market.)

It took me 2 medium, torpedo-shaped onions to get the 1 cup of onion called for. I think there were 9 in my $3 "quart tray," so that's 67 cents.

1/2 cup of cilantro was free out of my garden--or one could count a portion of the price of the plant I planted--so cilantro was 25 cents.

Everything else is pantry stuff (spices, salad oil, & rice).

This is a CHEAP, healthy meal! And good over a sufficient strech of the summer here to get around to.

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