Sunday, July 12

Thoughts On Food Today

I saw a great system of selling food today. Potatoes, sugar snap peas, and such by the pound. I've seen it done w/ tomatoes since last year, but I like it w/ these things, too.

For only about 10% more money than buying by the quart-bucket would've cost, I was able to pick out my own potatoes (ones that were clean so I wouldn't have to clean them much at home, saving me time) and pick out the exact amount my partner & I can eat in a meal. It was awesome.

$3.50/lb for fancy "fingerling" potatoes--and again, all perfect condition & very clean, and only 1 lb. (the quarts have more, but the farmer picks your selection, and cost $4). This works very well for me at my family size (2).

Okay, gotta turn on my music and go cook now! Have to get to REAL work around the house. I have a suspicion tooting around the market doesn't quite cut it as a day's labor.

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