Monday, July 20

Thoughts After Listening To Liberal Radio News

Thoughts: 1--what the heck was a show on what's supposed to be the good radio station doing letting someone act like individual actions (rather than actions taken by incorporated companies) are a significant factor behind greenhouse gas emission / a significant way to reduce it?

Ooooh, polar bears! Cute! Don't forget your mug when you get coffee! [Silence on, "Whatever you drink your coffee out of, put PRESSURE on the big whigs.]

Yeah. It was like I was listening to NPR or something. The, "Wait, I thought these people had truthful commentary--what's this?" feeling. But this radio station isn't supposed to piss me off. Drat.

2--I forgot.

Wait no I didn't. Honduras.

I don't think people w/ leftwards policy preferences are going to go back into positions of power in Honduras. I saw an analysis on Lenin's Tomb, I think, the other day talking about how the U.S.'s actions had stalled the rest of Latin America...and I'm starting to think that was really, really effective. Crud.

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