Sunday, July 12

You're The Craziest Thing I've Seen

I biked to the farmer's market in my partner's paint-stained jeans (cuffs rolled up above my sock height), a cute t-shirt that I nevertheless work out in (Goodwill find), a fancy biking windbreaker, sunglasses, & a helmet. Yeah, I looked silly. But I didn't quite expect this conversation:

Other customer: And these?
Farmer: Those are chayote squash.
Other customer: So they're...
Farmer: A little more bitter
Me: Will you be selling chayote squash later on in the season? Do they grow here?
Farmer: No, the season's too short
Me: They don't ripen...okay.
Farmer: May I just say? ... ... You're the craziest thing I've seen [implied "at the market" or "today"]
Me: [good laugh]

A few minutes later a toddler stared at me despite his parents fussing over them, so it must have been true!!!

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