Saturday, March 20

I Had 2 Coats, And Didn't Offer A Cold Neighbor 1

I failed an opportunity to behave in a Christian manner Thursday.
I'm writing it here in hopes that I'll improve.

I ran into my neighbor on the sidewalk about 2 miles from home.

She said she was freezing. I had 2 coats. One of which was around my waist.

I decided not to offer her the coat on my back in case she "messed it up." I decided not to offer the cheap coat tied around my waist because it was my partner's and in case she forgot to bring it back for, say, a month. (I think classism influenced my imagination of what state I might get the coat back in.)

What the ****? I could have easily replaced that cheap coat if she'd lost it or brought it back in bad shape. Plus, she lives next door--I could swing by for my coat that night. This was basic freaking decency. (Not to mention a chance to have the "neighbors as friends" experience I keep craving.) What the ****?

Not to mention, Jesus's teachings were to offer her the nice coat.

I'm ashamed of my behavior, but hopefully, I will stop doing stupid, selfish, mean things like this.


Anonymous said...

You learned something here and so will anyone who reads it. I once had one coat: beautiful, red, new, warm. I lent it to the visiting wife of the preacher who'd come for his test sermon from Florida. They had no coats. It was snowing. I put my name and address in the pocket and handed it to her saying leave it in the church office, they all knew me. When I went to collect it, the odd thing was no one knew whose coat it was. But there it was, waiting for me. You know, it feels a little warmer to me now when I wear it...

Anonymous said...

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