Friday, May 14

US military enforces attacks on Haitian unions

Repost of an April article by La Macha from VivirLatino:

What this is: video explaining how Haitian Unions are organizing for increased pay–and the US military is a part of the attacks against them.

A comment I like on that story from The Partisan:

Due to the weakness of the Haitian state, the US Marines are now enforcing the rules of the Haitian anti-union bosses. They are ensuring that the status-quo remains in Haiti, that unions posses little to no power. The US military is doing the dirty work of the Haitian capitalist class and its international allies that have set up shop on the island.

Earlier in April, La Macha had posted this on Vivirlatino:
This is a really important look at Haitian sweatshops post-earthquake (although it’s not explicitly stated in the video). Haitian workers are making on average, $2 a day at these shops.

Another thing to consider–the current president was a replacement for ousted president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Who helped to oust him? The US, of course. Isn’t it weird how all the presidents that we “support” think it’s best to keep worker wages just a tad above the ‘why even bother working’ line?

Please contact congresspeople, the White House, State/Defense department people, media, etc. and demand that we stop doing this.

And some other sad union stories I should've linked to a while ago but surely aren't irrelevant to the workers' lives yet:

Royal Mail:

British Airways:

Rio Tinto:
See the links at "Rio Tinto Borax Trying To Hurt Working Conditions Of Workers Right Now".

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