Tuesday, May 15

Weightlifting invention

My upper legs have been antsy. No-weight squats took care of my quads but got my hamstrings feeling even antsier. All the body-weight-alone exercises on ExRx for hamstrings & glutes required setups I didn't have in this all-day proofreading meeting (where my coworkers said they didn't mind me exercising).


But hurrah! I am a woman, born to a cursed life of pants without decent pockets. That means I carry a purse.

Ordinarily, I hate it. But it turns out I can bend over the back of a chair, hook that heavy purse (after all, once you're carrying a purse, why not carry as much as possible?) over one ankle, and do reverse hyper-extensions one leg at a time!
(Stand on the supporting foot's tiptoe if you want to reduce stretching in that leg's calf.)

Hamstrings tired and happy now.

P.S. Turns out I might've been able to do w/o the purse if I'd known about one-legged hamstring bridges at the time. I still think I'm cool.

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