Monday, February 18

Need Anti-Racism Help

I'd like to put out a call for help proofreading a website for content.

I created a web site to accompany a petition I'm circulating, collecting signatures from businesspeople and residents of a street in St. Paul, MN, where government agencies want to put a commuter train.

It has two audiences at once:

  1. Businesspeople and residents of that street and its surrounding neighborhoods who took home my web site from a flyer hanging on a bulletin board and would like to register their opposition to commuter rail with me
  2. Non-neighborhood people who think of themselves as liberal, yet currently support the commuter rail and don't care what path it takes, whom I might be able to convince to become opponents of the path the government agencies want to put it on.

For that second group, I believe I'll need to have a lot of explanation about why the current route is so detrimental to the well-being of businesspeople and residents of the area that it'd even impact their own lives negatively in 15-40 years.

But in the process of explaining that, I don't want to say anything racist/classist/otherwise harmful about the social groups who make up the majority of businesspeople and residents of that street/neighborhood. Firstly, because it's wrong to do so, and secondly, because they'll be reading my words, too.

So before I really start promulgating this web site, can I get some help proofreading pages like this, this, this, and perhaps this?

Thank you,


Radfem said...


Sorry about not being able to post on my site. I've had a lot of problems with visitors and being a local blogger, I have lots of conversations about my blog offline.

Here, it's the extension of Metrolink's route from L.A. to San Bernardino and I think a separate route through Perris. I'm not involved in it but there's some neighborhood groups in my city that are, due to two stops being planned on a university campus, adjacent to it through building a "transit village" in a residential area and in a small town nearby.

Fears of eminent domain are high on the list for homes near the proposed villages. Also noise and traffic, because in some neighborhoods, the streets are de facto freeways b/c of nearby traffic congestion and free construction.

I'm not sure but I think Perris is scrapped for now but you never know in these kind of deals. One of two of the campus/offcampus stops are off the books. The town, Highgrove, is favorable to the station within its limits I think.

Trains are a huge area of concern anyway b/c the freight from overseas that comes into Long Beach and L.A. harbors comes through my city to across the country. There's a lot of train congestion, blocked crossings when trains park across streets up to an average of six hours a day anywhere in town, and for parts of the proposed Metrolink since they can't build their own track, they'll lease it from one of the freight train companies which means their commuter trains will run late.

I'll see if I can find out more if you'd like.

Radfem said...

Metrolink is the correct link.

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