Sunday, August 24

Way cool anti-sexual-assault activism

I just found out that anti-sexual-assault activists had the foresight to think, "Hey--there are thousands of protesters coming to St. Paul who probably aren't too keen on talking to police departments. If any of them get sexually assaulted while they're in the Twin Cities, they could feel really, really stuck!"

So they've organized a Republican National Convention -specific sexual assault peer advocate phone line and wellness center in case anyone wants to seek support, healing, and accountability in an alternative way.

Go liberals-who-had-truly-wise-foresight! (Whoever you are.) :-D You make me proud.

Thursday, August 21

T. Boone Pickens, Water, & Wind

Eeeeek! Will SOMEBODY with a bigger audience than me PLEASE shout from the mountaintops how badly we need to mobilize against T. Boone Pickens getting anything he wants passed in Congress?"

Water thief! Water thief! Water thief! Water thief!

"Pickens Plan" as a good idea, my ass.

Friday, August 15

Help for Italy's Roma / Stinti / Zigane

I know a lot of people who like to go out dancing to "gypsy jazz."

I think I'm going to solicit some of their favorite area musicians to donate time and see if I can put on some sort of "all gypsy jazz music" dance for them--that is, if they pay up. Want another song? Pay up!

I'm not quite sure if Opera Nomadi is the right organization to send the money to.

But with Italian gypsies having to get fingerprinted, citizen or not, when other Italian citizens and non-citizens don't, and with non-citizen Italian gypsies having to face 133% the sentence length an Italian citizen would, and with all the violence being committed by non-gypsies against gypsies (again, citizen or not) in Italy...I want to send a big chunk of change to help Italian gypsies fight for due process and a decent life where they live.

It takes money to buy printer ink, A4 paper, envelopes, stamps, and motorcycle gas (I imagine many gypsies don't have mailing addresses, and that lots of organization for direct action would happen by going to camps and telling people). (See the paragraph w/ the text, "the uninspiring, boring, tedious, and nerve wracking work of building a community" in it here.)

The fundraiser might be crazy and might not work. But what if it does? I'll bet I could convince dozens of gypsy jazz bands to do the same thing all around the continent.

That'd be so cool.

I just hope I can find an organization that's into the stamps-and-letters-and-motorcycle-visits type of organizing.

Opera Nomadi is the biggest in Italy, but I don't know if it's the best.

Monday, August 4

Recognition of violence

P.S. I'm so sorry for everyone hurt by all the hate crimes and hate-rooted activism going on lately.

My writing about the various incidents has mostly been going on in comments and in my life. Need to get making some of the phone calls, still, but, yeah...

Amazing people, some alive still needing to be supported, some dead now, but amazing people I would've liked to have known.

The Soil and Health: Mid-Reading Review

I'm having a hard time reading The Soil and Health. The other library book I got is amazing, and I don't know where to begin when it comes to describing it.

But The Soil and Health is so sick in the way it describes other parts of the world, I'm having trouble continuing to read the words to try to get the organic soil science information out of it.

Recent headlines from the blog "Black and Missing but Not Forgotten:"