Monday, December 8

Support Republic Windows And Doors' Former Workers! + Interesting Tidbit

Bank of America claimed to the press that "Neither Bank of America nor any other third-party lender to the company has the right to control" whether or not Republic Windows and Doors pays its former employees severance pay and vacation pay.

Republic Windows and Doors, however, seems to have told the former employees' union, or them--not sure which--that it was largely Bank of America which, in practice, even if they didn't have the "right," told them to pony up to Bank of America and cheat their workers out of their funds.

Not that that makes Republic Windows and Doors owners & managers morally better people for doing it.

But it is interesting.

Source. Seen on p. 3 of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Either way, SUPPORT THE FORMER WORKERS OF REPUBLIC WINDOWS AND DOORS!!! Write more press. Write and call more politicians. Send your friends in Chicago food/gas/El oney if they're wiling to cook and take food to the factory!

"People of Color Don’t Go Outside"

On the lack of portrayal of people of color doing outdoor recreational activity in American imagery, BFP said:

erasure or denial of people of color using public outdoor land has many effects–first, and most importantly, it criminalizes our presence on these lands. It criminalizes people of color for being outside.

I need more explanations of the connection between denial of phenomena existing and what activists mean by the word "criminalization," I think.

On my "things to find literature about" list now.

Recent headlines from the blog "Black and Missing but Not Forgotten:"