Saturday, July 19

Voting for Cynthia McKinney

Oh, just so y'all know, I'm voting for Cynthia McKinney in November unless Barack Obama swings me back to him based on policy.

I helped draft and support the guy for the Democratic primary process because I wanted one of the top 2 parties in America to have the person I most agreed with whom I could get to run (Russ Feingold refused drafters' begging).

But, that said, I never did intend to commit to voting for my top Democratic pick in the general, even if I participated in the Democratic primary process.

Obama earned my support among Democratic contenders throughout most of the primary process.

But he hasn't earned my support among all contenders--and especially not in this run-up to the general election.

And you darned well better bet he hasn't earned it enough to get me to vote for him in an "electoral college" election system when I vote in a state that's going to go blue this election. My vote's going towards getting Rep. McKinney and her party a high percentage of the general vote (although 15% would be AWESOME, I'd settle for 5%).

Based on what I've seen so far (though I will be reading her policies more closely now that she's won her nomination--I still can't believe that--happy daaaaaance!), she's just got so much better policy stances than Obama.

Wednesday, July 16

2008's "Hope" Is Gone For Me

After the failure of 3 of my efforts to turn a leftward swing in my milieu into something that would swing far enough left to truly undermine my milieu's culture of valuing "taking"...

...I've settled back into believing again that the Takers will continue to win the war--now and until the end of human life on earth.

Even "The Revolution Will Not Be Funded"--the 3 pages I've skimmed--is feeding into that worldview. The good people of the earth win a battle against Takers by offering incontrovertible evidence to taking-valuers that "taking" has to involve brutal violence? (Bashing of demonstrators, etc. in the 60's?) Well, the Takers have enough resources to change their enforcement of cultural esteem of taking to ways that are just about impossible to show to taking-valuers (in this book, the actions of the NPIC). They have the resources to keep winning the war after every battle they lose, I've come to believe.

I really do feel that way tonight, and most of the time.

That said...

...I'd be da**ed if I'm going to live comfortably with the privilege Takers give taking-valuers (and those who look like them) without fighting like hell against the Takers' perpetuation of valuing taking.

I believe we'll lose...but I know I'm not omniscient. I could be wrong, and if I'm wrong, there's no way on earth I'm going to turn my pessimistic belief into a self-fulfilling prophecy by not lending a hand to the good people of the world.

(Even if I can't do it with the optimist's smile I did for a few months.)

In other words, I, myself, do not "hope" anymore.

I merely act against my hopeless beliefs "just in case."

Tuesday, July 15

Library Books

I'm so excited! The Soil and Health and The Revolution Will Not Be Funded just arrived in my name at the library!

Wednesday, July 2

Citizenship & Crime

Holy ****.

As a citizen of a country where citizenship can't be taken away--benefits of it can, but citizenship itself can't--at least for people who're born citizens--no matter what kind of criminal act...

...what a mind-blower, to read about a government deciding to take away citizenship of relatives of people who commit certain crimes.

That just.......
........can't be done.

Where I live.

What a trip to see that it can, elsewhere.

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