Tuesday, September 30

Not Eating and Not Going to School

We are going to be paying for this for generations, y’all, and some of your children and grandchildren will pay by not eating and not going to school.
-Professor Zero

What a huge thing to try to wrap my mind around.

Thank you for writing those words the way you did, Profacero.


Sunday, September 21

8 out of 10 female Central American migrants are raped on their journeys

Oh my Lord...

8 out of 10 Central American female migrants to countries further north are raped. (Sources: here via this post.)
8 out of 10.

I was going to shower up & go to bed. I was thinking about blogging some other things--like a connection I made between bystander culture (which SAFER often mentions, lately) bystanders mentioned in a video published recently by the Blank Noise Project. (In short, a man thought the women in his town had better responses to street harassment than women in many other parts of India, but I wonder if their actions might be caused more by them intuitively counting on a culture of bystanders acting helpfully in their city than by, say, "tips & tricks" they picked up from their moms & grandmas.)

But shit.

Now who can think and try to make connections about things read and experienced?

8 out of 10 female Central Americans who try to come here to live here, too, get raped.


Saturday, September 20

Cheap late September healthy food prices

Today, I asked farmers to sell me fractions of produce portions for fractions of the price they'd set and did well getting healthy food cheaply.

I bought:
1 small bunch of parsley, $0.25
1 small bunch of cilantro, $0.25
2 green onions, $0.25
2 carrots, $0.25
1 bell pepper, $0.50
a pint? of fancy potatoes, $1.00
Plus a bitter ball and Thai eggplant for free from the same person

$2.50 for just the right amounts of 6 (+2) kinds of vegetable/herb.

Here's to crossing my fingers I can cook them all.

Tonight is mustard greens & cabbage ($1.50 together) I bought earlier this week, chopped, boiled a bit, & thrown into lentils, w/ chopped green onion & cilantro mixed in.

I don't think I'm going to get around to much spreading healthy cheap eating tips around town to those who could use it this year, but I'm thinking about illustrating packets for some of my extra heirloom tomato seeds and giving them to all the farmers who've given me healthy, affordable bargains. Especially the ones growing only conventional tomatoes. I hope that's worth something.

Sunday, September 14

(Non-Statist-Communism) Alternatives and Capitalism

I had my first conversation with a vocal pro-capitalist in a social setting last night. I don't think I was terribly eloquent or knowledgeable or necessarily even persuasive, but I'm proud of myself because I think I managed to do it w/o doing any damage--and might have gotten a single seed of something that will later persuade her in there. If not, well, again, at least I did it, and did it w/o doing any damage.

I have Brownfemipower to thank.

Credit also goes to Benjamin Dangl's The Price of Fire, though I only ended up reading that because bloggers kept recommending a book that, in the hunt for more, led me to that one.

Nevertheless, without Djangl's description of how things work in many different countries, and his chapter on the city of El Alto, I could not have furnished the kinds of descriptions of non-free-market and yet non-command-and-control methods of conducting economic activity that I was able to (however poorly) last night.

She simply didn't know that there were third, fourth, heck, twentieth, ways of conducting economic activity in the world at a scale larger than a small tribe.

I'm proud of myself for listening--I haven't been very good at that much of my life. Otherwise, I wouldn't have found out that she didn't know that anything had ever existed on significant scales besides "our way" and "the Soviet Union's way."

I'm proud of myself for making myself listen to everything she had to say. She said that she wasn't going to judge what people did elsewhere, as long as they didn't mess with our ways of conducting economic activity. Because I listened, I had my fair chance to clarify that actually, I wanted to know if she thought what I'd described could work well for parts of the United States. And I didn't get a kneejerk response to that question. So I'm glad I wasn't kneejerk or interruptive to her, as I can sometimes be.

Last but not least, she gave me a huge shove towards doing more to find a candidate with my set of dream policies and vote for that candidate.

She believed that our political system currently gives people all the power they need to change our way of conducting economic affairs if they don't like it.

I said, "Then how come the few politicians in Roosevelt's presidential era--if I'm correct that that's whom the author was talking about--were able to override the will of the many poor people and farmers who supported alternative forms of economic activity?

She retorted, "They kept voting for him, didn't they?"

She's probably right. They probably did vote for someone who implemented some economic policies that helped them but also implemented a lot of economic policies that hurt them. (Or, more specifically, vote without flooding the streets, creating roadblocks, and giving that politician all sorts of hell over his harmful policies.)

I nodded and said she had a really interesting point. And that she'd probably just convinced me to vote my favorite candidate, no matter what party, this November, so I wouldn't be "a 30's co-op organizer voting for Roosevelt."
*Maybe she'll do the same. Right now she's voting for McCain. She believes government expenditures will be lower under him than they will under Obama (I don't, by the way), but she isn't happy with how high they'd be under him, either. Maybe, if America is lucky, both of us will end up voting and working hard for our true beliefs by November.)

Obama/Biden vs. McKinney/Clemente

Well, well, well.

I thought I was pretty much out of the Obama efforts.


the majority of white people regularly vote against their own best economic interests

My vote's definitely going to McKinney, and eventually, once I have some, some money & time. (Heh--I update so often, you can tell I've got oodles of time, right?)

But maybe I need to use my identity to "relate" to voters and swing them leftwards from the middle-right towards Obama again, just like I tried to from the middle-left during the primaries. Maybe I need to phone bank for both candidates.

It does sound like there are a lot of people like the ones I grew up with who probably need prodding from someone "like them" to vote for Obama.

And I do like a lot of Obama's policies, even if I dislike a lot of the ones he's adopted over the last year or so.


Thursday, September 4

RNC Sexual Assault Hotline

Sorry I didn't get on the ball and get this earlier. *sigh*

The Republican National Convention-specific sexual assault peer advocate line, set up through Arise Bookstore, is 651-434-2265. It is open 24 hours a day, but it is only open through Sept. 5 (tomorrow).


So, ummm, if anyone's waiting in frustration because they haven't heard the # yet...there it is...good for another 24 hours or so.


(This line is available and intends to be truly helpful no matter who assaulted you or someone you know. They are very aware that the assaulter could be a liberal protestor and are not afraid to confront that. They want to provide support, healing, and accountability no matter what.)

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