Thursday, January 21

Donating When I Want The Money For Myself

I just made a donation that was a huge chunk of the money it would've cost to make an improvement in our house and our lives.

It's less money than I donated around late December--far less--but it's the first time I could immediately compare it to the price of something I wanted.

I don't know how we're gonna make it when we're old and working for sustenance/pay hurts a lot. Build up family relationships & fight politically for wealth redistribution, I guess. But I feel like I still don't know how, because I still really feel those ideas of "You're on your own w/ what you can grab right now."

Feeling like we don't have the money for this improvement made me feel like we were never gonna be able to "make it" as old/hurt folks.

So it was a really different mood to make a donation in.

Anyway, that said, Chris Floyd has good articles on Haiti and two links for donations that he's recommended twice now.

Afterthought: The proposal I made to my sweetie about talking to our neighbor, asking if I can be in on the appliance-sharing, too, since it's too much work for my honey to do alone, is building up relationships to make it when you don't have enough money to buy your way out of your problems! Woah! Now I feel better about that idea. I guess some resources are already here in my life.

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