Friday, July 2

I Killed An Ant

I don't deserve to wear these flowers anymore.

I picked 2 lilies from my garden to wear in my hair. Knocked off several ants & an earwig. Thought I had them all clean.

On the drive in to work, I saw an ant running frantically around my passenger seat, near the lilies. Missed one!

I refused to use my finger to pick it up. And when the one tool I had didn't work quickly & easily to pick it up & throw it out the window with, I smashed it.

I refused to let it live in a place where it might pop out of hiding one day and bite me.

I killed an ant because it might bite me one day. As if that would be the end of the world.

For crying out loud, I probably get bitten by a single ant several times a summer in circumstances I can't control as easily.

I have so much work to do on respecting animals' lives.

I'm going to wear the flowers, but I don't deserve it.

Thursday, July 1

Free Wedding Flower Materials - Hydrangeas - In Bloom

If you're getting married in Minnesota this weekend, lucky you!

Materials for fancy bouquets can be gotten for free.

Hydrangeas are in full bloom.

I'll bet a church, university, restaurant, neighbor, friend's neighbor, etc. would let you cut lots of stalks off the back of a bush. (Maybe even the front if they really like you.)

Even if you can't get many from one source, they're planted so widely that you can probably put together enough of the same variety by hitting 2-4 of the above places.

I think their leaves are okay for a backing leaf. You just have to use them as separate stalks, best I can tell.

I haven't seen any for sale at farmer's markets yet. Lots of nice stuff there, too, though.

But white hydrangeas, and a few of the blue & pink ones if you're lucky, are in abundance.

Go for it!

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