Tuesday, July 22

Profacero On Empires

As I read about Nestle litigating Fryeburg, ME out of existence so that there will be no one left there who "owns" nature's free water and they can "buy" it out from under those who have been living on it, I was so grateful to be able to find this again.  Reposting it so I'll always be able to find it (one of the blog posts I read back in my blog-consuming days that's always stuck with me):

From http://profacero.wordpress.com/2008/10/23/a-very-important-point/

A Very Important Point

"[E]mpire building always has gone hand in hand with impoverishing the population of the imperial center as well as its periphery."

This is why I want to study economics, history, sociology, and political theory. It is also why I think people should study in general, and why I believe in rigor. Thinking on my own, my early patriotic education gets in the way and I forget that empires have always done this – from the beginning, as policy, and not only in their later and more desperate stages.

ETA: See also the Changeseeker on W.E.B. DuBois and current events.


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